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WaterRower Clothing

Short Sleeved T-shirts- US$7.50, £5, €10, AU$20- 100% Cotton

Grey- WRK-600(S,M,L or XL), Black- WRK-605(S,M,L or XL)

Long Sleeved T-shirts- US$15, £10, €15, AU$30- 100% Cotton

Black on Grey- WRK-610(S,M,L or XL), Silver on Black- WRK-615(S,M,L or XL)

Polo Shirts- US$20, £15, €20, AU$40- 100% Cotton, Black with silver embroidery

WRK-640((S,M,L or XL)

Rowing Suits- US$40, £25, €40, AU$80- Cotton Lycra, Grey top and Black bottom

Women's- WRK-620(S,M,L or XL), Men's- WRK-625(S,M,L or XL)

Note: Currency of pricing will be dependant the facility from which we dispatch the ordered products.
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Shipments outside the EEC and US may be subject to local taxes and duties.