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WaterRower Reviews

We’ve collected some of our favorite customer reviews and presented them on a new portion of our website. On our reviews site you can read reviews and even leave your own! How much do you love your WaterRower Rowing Machine?  Has our customer service exceeded your expectations?  Click the green check mark on our homepage [...]

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Customer Comments

We just received this excellent comment from a gentleman in Australia: I had always used a C2 rower in the gym and thought nothing could be better. I then decided to purchase a rowing machine for home use. The shop assistant asked me to try the WaterRower, and I have never looked back. It just [...]

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What do others say about the WaterRower?

When you get your WaterRower we greatly urge you to register your machine with us. When you do this, it not only helps us keep track of our machines and customers, but it also opens you up to our customer services such as the chlorine tablet requests, service help, and even extends your warranty! If [...]

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