waterrower products

WaterRower Accessories

Purification Tablets - The only maintenance your WaterRower requires, a puritab every 6 months

Training DVDs - Rowing DVDs for training at home

Analog Heart Rate Monitoring (Polar)- Heart Rate Monitoring system for your WaterRower

Digital Heart Rate Monitoring (ANT+)- Heart Rate Monitoring system for your WaterRower

WaterRower Cleaning Kit- WaterRower friendly cleaning products for your Wooden, Metal, or Indo-Row rowing machine.

WaterRower Starter Kit- Save by purchasing these accessories as a kit!

WaterRower Cover- to protect from dust, debris, and light

WaterRower Protective Mat- to protect your flooring

WaterRower Software- A variety of Software for your WaterRower

PC Cables- Connect your WaterRower to your computer

WaterBlue Dye- add this solution to your water tank to make it a rich blue color

GX/Indo-Row/A1 HiRise Adapto- elivates your Indo-Row/A1 for easy entry

HiRise Adapter- raises your WaterRower by 8" (200mm) for easy entry

XL Rails- increase the length of your WaterRower by 4" to cater for longer leg length

WaterRower Clothing- A Range of WaterRower Branded Clothing and Accessories

Monitor Retrofit Kit- Upgrade your Monitor-less WaterRower to the latest Monitor Version

Dual-Density ErgPad™ By Spectex- Padded comfort for extra long rowing sessions.

Current Model Design Upgrades- add the latest design improvements to your Old WaterRower

Oarsome Grips- Fit snugly over your Water Rower handle, providing the most effective solution for your sore hands and wrists.