Rent a WaterRower

United States Rental Program(R&B) - Outline (Revised 17 Jan. 2013)

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Rent a WaterRower for as little as $9.98 per week ($43.24 per month)

The Rental program allows you to train with a WaterRower in your own home under very reasonable conditions.

The advantages of a rental program include:

1. No investment
2. Basic, Premium or M1 Models are available
3. Complete flexibility with no long-term obligation (only a 3 month minimum rental term)
4. The rental equipment can be purchased any time during the rental period at a discount
5. The equipment is very well looked after and well maintained
6. Professional support to help you achieve your training goals
7. Small administration fee

The Rental Program

Rental applicants are required to fully read and understand the rental contract and general terms and conditions, and upon application complete and sign the rental contract, and return it to us by fax, mail, or email (rent@waterrower.com)

The rental fee is $43.24 per month ($51.92 for Premium Machines and $64.86 for the M1 HiRise). The rental fee will be deducted from your bank account automatically once per month, until either the return of the machine and conclusion of the rental agreement, or the final purchase of the rental machine (outlined below).

The start-up costs are very minimal: A deposit of $200.00 and the partial month’s rental fee (Alaska and Hawaii will be subjected to a $500 deposit) will be charged at the beginning of the rental period. Once the rental equipment is returned and is determined to be in proper working condition, the deposit, will be credited automatically to your bank account.

Prior to dispatch all equipment is overhauled, cleaned and, if required, fitted with new castors, straps etc, to bring it to near as new condition.

With the WaterRower rental program, you are completely flexible and not committed to any long-term contracts. The minimum rental term is only 3 months. Once 3 months have passed, you can return the equipment to us upon a 30 day notice and we will terminate the contract on the last day of the first full month following receipt of your termination notice.

At the end of the rental period you will be charged a $99.95 pick-up fee (Alaska and Hawaii will incur a $399.95 pick-up fee) to be deducted from the deposit.

The Buy Program

If it turns out you like rowing with the WaterRower (just like tens of thousands of our customers), you can continue with the inexpensive WaterRower rental program for an unlimited time.

However, if you wish to purchase your WaterRower your may receive a discount of as much as 70% or more. The exact discount will depend on how old the equipment was at the time of rental and how long you have been renting it from us.

It’s very simple. Once the minimum rental period of three months has expired, you can purchase the equipment at any time. And the longer you rent the WaterRower from us, the greater the discount when you decide to purchase, as follows:

Total Rental Period 3 mth 6 mth 9 mth 12 mth 18 mth 24 mth 30 mth 36 mth
Discount offered 0% 5% 10% 20% 25% 30% 40% 50%

Of course not every rental machine is brand new at the start of the rental period and hence machines are further discounted depending on their age, as follows;

  Purchase Value of Machine
Age of Equipment Basic Model Premium Model M1 Model
Brand New Price $1095.00 $1295.00 $1795.00
Less than 1 Year Old $1062.00 $1255.97 $1740.90
1 to 2 Years old $908.85 $1074.85 $1489.85
2 to 3 Years old $766.50 $906.50 $1256.50
3 to 4 Years old $624.15 $738.15 $1023.15
4 to 5 Years old $470.85 $556.85 $771.85
More than 5 Years old $328.50 $388.50 $538.50

If you buy the WaterRower, your deposit will be applied towards the purchase price and an administration fee of $19.95 will be charged.

An example of the R&B plan:

If you rent a Basic WaterRower for 12 months and the equipment is between 2 and 3 years old when it is delivered, you can purchase it for $766.50 minus the 20% discount, plus $19.95 for the administrative fee, which comes to a total of $633.15. That equals a saving of 57% on the new equipment list price.

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