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When you register your machine with us, we give you the opportunity to send us any questions comments or concerns regarding your experience with the WaterRower. Below, are just some of the great comments that we have received over the years!
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Home User Reviews, 3.2 out of 5 based on 245 ratings
  • Anonymous

    Mr. R. Andrusek:

    Thank you and everyone at WaterRower for the quality product and great service. Factory direct shipment was greatly appreciated living in a remote northern resort. Your instructions and assembly were easy to follow, the machine is smooth and a pleasure to use. As former long distance canoe tripper I love the “gurgle therapy” and find it extremely calming.

  • Anonymous

    Ms P O, from Surrey, UK:

    Have just stopped going to a Personal Trainer (+ 2 years) and wanted a good overall training machine at home which I would enjoy using and which would exercise a high percentage of muscles without potentially causing undue damage to me. This machine seemed exactly what I needed.

    Pleasing to look at, really comfortable to use, and recommended by my Pilates Teacher as being an ideal foil to my Pilates – this will help maintain strength, overall fitness and toning and,(hopefully) keep some weight off too.

  • Anonymous

    Ms B R, from California, USA:

    I used to wake up with lower back pain, but, a few days after using the rower, I noticed my back doesn’t hurt as much, if at all. Also, I appreciate the grip design: I have arthritis in my hands… needless to say, the WaterRower is perfect! Thanks for a great product.

  • Anonymous

    Mr P R, from West Wickham, UK:

    My son wanted a rowing machine to improve his fitness and I thought it would be good for me as well. I consulted a colleague at work who recommended WaterRower or Concept 2. I chose WaterRower because it was quieter and was easier to store.

  • Anonymous

    Mr M W, from Hampshire, UK:

    Have used a Concept II at work, but it is too noisy and the seat is uncomfortable – I wanted a machine that I could use for more than twenty minutes and at any time of the day (without annoying the neighbours!). Massively impressed with the WaterRower.

  • Anonymous

    Mr A P, from London, UK:

    Was researching different rowing machines in helping to improving my fitness levels (and core strength) for a long distance bicycle ride I was planning on doing. Contemplated renting a rower for about 3-4 months leading up to the ride but am so pleased that I actually bought one outright, I now use it 4-6 days a week and love to row.

  • Anonymous

    K.M. from Indiana, USA:

    I just love it. You’ve really thought it through. The minimal space requirement was what made me look at it in the store. And the ease of laying it down and putting it back up was great. But testing it there was what sold it. I’ve never tried a rower that was so smooth. It’s really great, thank you!

  • Anonymous

    T.D. from Texas, USA:

    My wife recently joined a rowing club in the Houston area. She has really enjoyed it but in the heat of the summer it was hard for her to get out there. We recently found out that she is pregnant so the WaterRower seemed like a great way for her to row at her own pace while still staying in shape during the pregnancy. So far we both really enjoy the rower. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    S.S. from New South Wales, Australia:

    Tried many rowing machines. The Water Rower was different in looks, resistance and quality, and also with 2 small children in the house the lack of moving parts was a major selling point, as was the more “soothing’ noise it made. Overall, we couldn’t be happier.

  • Anonymous

    P.C. from West Midlands, UK:

    The wife got it me for my 40th. I’d been wooing over them for years. its been brill over the last five years and still in fantastic condition. thank you.

  • Anonymous

    M.B. from Texas, USA:

    Brother in law owns one. I enjoyed hearing the water as I worked out. Great alternative when I can’t be on the water. Conveniently stored and fits with the furniture. Doesn’t look out of place when I leave it in the living room for a few days. Doesn’t look like a standard piece of exercise equipment. Smooth workout.

  • Anonymous

    D.G. from California, USA:

    As I am getting older and need less impactful exercise, wanted a rower to help maintain & improve my overall fitness. Researched rowers extensively and found the WaterRower to be the most exceptional rower available in terms of function, quality and attractiveness to use.

  • Anonymous

    S.M. from Scotland, UK:

    I felt that the WaterRower was far superior to any rower I had used and I loved the look of it and also the effect of rowing on water, very calming… Brilliant piece of equipment and very comfortable to sit on and operate.

  • Anonymous

    J.A. from Oxfordshire, England:

    I enjoy rowing and wanted an elegant indoor rower which did not dominate the house. It is like an item of furniture as much as a bit of fitness equipment.

  • Anonymous

    C.C. from San Salvador, USA:

    Always wanted a rowing machine that feels as close as been on the water as possible.

  • Anonymous

    F.C. from Massachusetts, USA:

    I have had a c2 rower for over 20 years at my workshop, but fell in love with the WaterRower years ago, and finally decided to purchase one to keep in my home. Although both are great rowers, the WaterRower has a very natural and peaceful feeling that I have never experienced on any other piece of exercise equipment. As a designer I can certainly appreciate the beautiful design, function, and attention to detail, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.
    And also, the fact that it is made in the u.s.a., very important. Keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    L.T. from Virginia, USA:

    I love rowing. It was always the only equipment I used when I had a gym membership and I like the fact that it’s low impact but offers high results. The water rower is particularly nice because the sound is so soothing and the water smell is nice.

  • Anonymous

    R.G. from Oregon, USA:

    I bought my Water Rower six years ago, following a bilateral breast cancer surgery. I intended to ‘rehabilitate’ my body after such an invasive surgery. It didn’t take me long to get hooked on rowing, building up my muscles and strength again. Unfortunately, I ended up having six surgeries in six years, each time, after three months of ‘no exercise’, I would start my rowing again, slowly then building to more intense. Today, almost eight years a survivor, I row every morning, have never been in such good shape, and think that Water Rower should team up with Susan G. Komen institute to encourage breast cancer survivor rehabilitation. It is a healing experience, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

    I want to say thanks to Water Rower for producing such a fine piece of equipment that helped me survive and achieve.

  • Anonymous

    John Merritt

    Fitness Fanatic and WaterRower Owner

    What a joy this machine is to use.

    I started rowing in October of 2002, because the gym I had just joined had a rowing machine.

    There was never anybody using this piece of equipment so I thought I’d give it a try. I remember very vividly how my whole core was tired after rowing.

    I continued to row and over a period of 4 months lost 47 pounds. (Rowing is now my primary means of exercise, with sessions that average 64 to 90 minutes, 6 days a week.) I love to row!

    I acquired the WaterRower because I can’t stand to miss a session. Now if the gym is closed or I just don’t feel like going to the gym, I can row at home. I began rowing on a machine different than the WaterRower.

    I only accidentally stumbled across the WaterRower while trying to find the “other” machine to purchase at a local exercise equipment store.

    When I tested the WaterRower, I could not believe the difference. There is no comparison. The WaterRower looks good, is quiet and actually makes you feel like you are in the water!

    I am now finding myself wanting to skip the gym, and workout on the WaterRower instead of that other machine!

  • Anonymous

    Alan Stanley

    Lifeguard and WaterRower Owner

    “I work as a Lifeguard during the summer months…I row everyday with a Van Dyne rescue rowboat during the job. With the end of summer I wanted to continue with my rowing in some capacity… and decided to purchase a WaterRower. The workouts that I have been getting using this machine are truly exceptional. I like the idea of using water in a sealed tank as a source of resistance and the sliding motion of the seat is real smooth. At the beginning of each stroke the system makes it feel like you are actually pulling oars through the water.”

  • Anonymous

    Angela Connell

    Journalist and WaterRower Owner

    “After months of whingeing about excess body fat and how I needed to work miracles before the summer, I decided to buy a WaterRower. A friend at work had one and said it would change everything! I am lucky enough to have an in-house gym at work but searching for a free rowing or cycle machine at lunchtime held little appeal. This all changed when my WaterRower arrived. My flat mate and I couldn’t wait to use it.

    Unlike any other rowing machine, you can make your session as tough or relaxed as you like. I use it for 30 minutes every morning and barely notice the time passing. It’s a really good total body toner. The best bit is the sound of the water swishing backwards and forwards when you’re on it creating a state of total calm. Not something you would normally associate with a piece of fitness equipment. The design is very sexy and looks great upright in my flat when not being used.

    My friends who religiously set off for the gym every morning to sweat it out are now envious of my personal gym in the lounge. When I think of how dull my trips to the gym used to be with the guys hogging every piece of equipment I wanted to use. I can now honestly say that after 3 months of using it I have noticed a remarkable change. I haven’t quite reached the athletic look yet but I’m very happy with the results.

    I now watch breakfast TV from my rowing machine rather than the sofa. Having the right equipment can make the world of difference and it’s a fantastic way to start the day.”

  • Anonymous

    Colin “Dynamo” Dunne

    Former World Boxing Champ and WaterRower Owner

    “I feel that my WaterRower is a part of me, something I hope I can pass onto my son, a unique and valued piece. Something I look upon as a fine piece of furniture as well as a superb fitness tool.”

  • Anonymous

    Jason Leonard

    England and British Lions Rugby Captain and WaterRower owner

    “The WaterRower is an excellent full body workout. Smoothness and the sound of rushing water make it relaxing and enjoyable but still physically demanding.”

  • Anonymous

    Martin Cross- Olympic Gold Medallist, Rowing Commentator and Author

    “The Holy Grail for all ergo makers is to find a product that somehow captures the feel of rowing in a boat: a smooth ‘catch’; a resistance that loads their body just like it does in a boat and a recovery phase that simulates the glide a rower experiences as the boat moves under them. In over twenty five years of rowing, I’ve tried all that the market has to offer and there’s only one that comes close to capturing the essence of the sport: Water Rower.

    Explaining just how good it feels, is a challenge to anyone who’s never been out in a boat but here goes. I’m on the Water Rower, paddling hard enough to work up a sweat. The pick up feels right, I know it won’t stress my lower back, like other ergos seem to, so I let my kids use it when they want. What’s more, I feel good on something made of wood; like I’m in the wooden boat I never owned. As I close my eyes and listen to the gentle swoosh of the water, my mind puts me in a shell, gliding over the calm surface of a beautiful lake. I smile and open my eyes. By the end of my work out I know that this machine is the nearest thing to rowing. My whole family, is happy for it to be part of the furniture in my home.”

  • Anonymous

    Sharyn Brown

    2006 Polar Challenge Competitor

    The PolarKats recently arrived home after successfully completing the 2006 Polar Challenge to raise funds for the NSPCC. The grueling event saw 10 teams out of 15 complete a race over 350 miles in the Arctic, to the 1996 location of the Magnetic North Pole and beyond.

    Team member Sharyn Brown had this to say “Before going to the Arctic, I had to undertake a whole range of different endurance activities to achieve the level of fitness and strength to survive in the conditions and pull my sledge. Using the WaterRower improved the strength in my arms and legs, which was excellent for the cross-country skiing required over the Arctic terrain. The WaterRower was especially useful for my core strength and its ergonomic design enabled me to exercise for long periods of time without pain. Also, as it stores vertically and the rowing action is smooth and quiet I could get a great workout without traveling further than the front room”

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Daniel Levin

    “I am new to rowing but have been very active in running for several years. I was looking for a minimal impact, upper body aerobic exercise to cross train with running. I initially was introduced to the Water Rower at my local fitness store. The product was not only aesthetically pleasing, the water sound it made was intriguing and added to the overall ambience of the exercise. Finally, its portability without taking it apart sealed the deal for my small home gym.”

    “The S1 stainless steel aesthetics fits well with my other home equipment, but I think I would have been very happy with the wood versions as well.”

    “Using it now on several occasions, I find a stroke rate of 32-36 strokes/minute gives every bit the cardiovascular workout that either my treadmill or running outdoors do without the impact. In addition, using some of the internet software for pacing and racing against has added a new dimension and interest to my exercise routine. I think that your website is one of the most complete and thorough sites I have ever seen and future buyers should take the time to review the contents.”

  • Anonymous

    Neal Waldman, Massachusetts, USA

    This past October I had rotator cuff surgery and after physical therapy ended, I wanted some form of exercise both for my shoulder and the rest of my body. I am not a “gym” person and a low ceiling in my basement limits my choice of home exercise equipment. Research on the internet, talking with other people and shopping at an exercise equipment store convinced me a rowing machine was the answer. I only had to go to one store – once I saw and tried the WaterRower I knew it was the right one, and my wife liked how it matched the decor of our newly renovated basement.

    I am loving the rower! I look forward to exercising – something I haven’t done in a long time. I really feel that I lucked out with the WaterRower – the support and personalized instructions and programs I have gotten from Jill Lancaster, my WaterCoach, have been fantastic. I am rowing more often, for more minutes at more spm than anticipated and the help from Jill and the Water Rower web site have been a big part of that. Prior to surgery, I was hopeful to get back to near 100%, but I am more than that. Jill designed a program for me incorporating rowing with strength training, sit-ups and walking, that have made me feel healthier and stronger than I have in a long time. The time I spend on the rower goes by very quickly – I am always surprised when I am done and I crave more. But I am listening to Jill’s advice and advancing slowly.

    Rowing was certainly the correct choice for me, both for healing my shoulder and overall body strengthening and toning. WaterRower was definitely the best choice I could have made for a brand. The personalized training advice

    and website links with photos and instructions have been the difference between success and failure.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Harris

    Ice Hockey Player and WaterRower Owner

    “Since moving to Cambridge from the USA, I started rowing with the Clare College fellows in an eight in the off-season of ice hockey to keep in shape. But getting on the river in an eight is a production even in on the Cam and it’s even more difficult in the dark cold winter during the ice hockey season. So knowing that rowing is great low impact workout, I decided to buy a machine. I checked out several and settled on the WaterRower because its action seems best to mimic naturally what it feels like to catch and pull on real river water, it’s compact, good looking, smooth and stable, and it has a nice monitor so you can easily programme and follow exercise routines. One big advantage of having a machine at home is that it is sweet and easy to use it for 30-40 minutes before breakfast – follow that by 10 minutes of stretching and a shower, and I am ready to face the day at the lab knowing that I have already done a decent session of exercise. The extra leg strength also makes walking up those the stairs to my office effortless. The other big advantage is that I can do this during the hockey season and that gives me the fitness I need to work to capacity on the ice. I think I go harder than many of my 30-years-younger team mates, who wonder how I do it. It’s not difficult once you have found a good way to exercise.”

    Professor Bill Harris, Cambridge University, Clare College Fellow’s Eight and Cambridge Eskimos Ice Hockey Team.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Glenn Gero

    Certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

    “Rowing is the ultimate, non-jarring, full-body exercise. One can choose to maintain a steady, relaxed pace or rowing can be one of the most intensely competitive endurance sports, burning as much as 1200 calories an hour. Rowing to me is the perfect exercise and the WaterRower is the best simulation of that perfect exercise.

    No other exercise can get me into my cardiovascular zone as quickly and can fire as many muscle fibers throughout my body as rowing. With each complete stroke I can feel virtually every muscle working including those in the legs, midsection, lower back, arms and upper torso.

    Additionally, rowing is an activity that can be enjoyed by men and women of any age. It certainly isn’t unusual to see rowers well into their nineties rowing up and down the river next to a crew of high schoolers.

    I’ve been a WaterRower owner for over 12 years and to me it’s the only rowing machine that gives the feel of real rowing.

    In my opinion, the air resistance rowing machines using a chain drive, create a constant vibration, which I feel in my hands. I find this to be extremely annoying. I also feel that the whirling mechanical sound of these rowers detracts from the enjoyment of the rowing experience.

    Conversely, the WaterRower uses a strap drive connected to a flywheel which rotates within a tank of water creating a smooth, rhythmic, meditative feel. This is the same naturally smooth feeling that I’m accustomed to when I’m on the river in my rowing shell with the accompanying realistic sound of splashing water..

    As far as I’m concerned, rowing is the perfect overall exercise and the WaterRower is the perfect rowing machine. I believe that if one is really serious about getting in the best shape of their life, WaterRower is a clear choice.”

    Dr. Glenn Gero is a board certified doctor of naturopathic medicine with a private practice in Clifton, NJ. He has earned masters’ degrees in both nutrition and botanical medicine and is a certified life and wellness coach. Dr. Gero is a licensed biofeedback therapist, a registered nutritionist, a master/registered herbalist, holds 7 fitness certifications, including those in post-rehab fitness, medical exercise, senior fitness and cancer exercise. He is a professional member of the Holistic Pediatric Association, the American Association of Anti-aging Medicine and the American Herbalist Guild. He also has completed post-graduate training at Harvard Medical School where he serves as a life member of the post-graduate association. Dr. Gero is on the staff of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine as an adjunct professor. For additional information, visit http://www.holisticnaturopath.com.

  • Anonymous

    Jerry Scott – Retired Graphics Designer/Writer

    I am 65 years old and brand new of the world of exercise. Golf during the summer, an occasional walk and general outside around-the-house activities were the extent of my fitness regimen. As I got older, I could feel myself losing strength and stamina each day so I began looking for a way to improve my overall health and fitness. I wanted something that would be convenient, effective and not take a lot of time each day out of my busy retirement schedule! I found it in the WaterRower. A beautifully designed and built piece of ultra-smooth exercise equipment that could give me an excellent workout without any stress or impact on my joints. An exerciser with no metallic buzz or whine, just the relaxing swish of water. And, as a bonus, I could do the whole thing sitting down… now you’re talking! I was sold … but my wife was not. She liked the design, the features, the sound of the water, but was not convinced I would use it. She reminded me of the inexpensive hydraulic piston rower I bought years ago. I used it about a week and sold it a week later. Rowing on that thing was drudgery. She was afraid I’d have the same experience again with the WaterRower. Frankly, that thought was in the back of my mind too as I called in my order.

    The WaterRower arrived, I put it all together, filled the tank to “17”, stood back and admired it for a moment and started rowing. My plan was to take it slow, 10 minutes a day until I could build the stamina to do more. In no time, I was rowing a strong steady 20 minutes a day. I not only could feel my strength and stamina improve, I could actually SEE it improve as well because of the information displayed on its S4 monitor.

    The WaterRower is a marvel and a lifesaver. I hope to enjoy the benefits of mine for years to come.

    P.S. My wife loves rowing as well!

    Jerry Scott, Valparaiso, Indiana

  • Anonymous

    Kara and Dean Keller

    Dean is an Amputee and WaterRower Owner

    “my husband Dean… is an above the knee amputee (lost to bone cancer in 1979).

    Four years ago, we were actively seeking a piece of exercise equipment that would fulfil a tall order; allow for use with one leg without causing injury, allow us both to use, allow us to store at home, and was affordable. After weeks of research, we decided on the WaterRower and have absolutely loved it!

    We both use it every morning before work (Dean for 30 minutes and Me for 20 :-) I love the way it makes me feel and look. Moreover, it has really helped to prepare Dean year round for activities such as biking, kayaking, downhill skiing, swimming, and simply holding a full time job in a hospital which requires him to be on his feet all day.

    Thank you so much for creating such a user friendly and affective piece of exercise equipment! It has truly improved our quality of life”

    Sincerely, Kara Keller

  • Anonymous

    Ed Kane – California, USA

    “I am a male, aged 65, who has been diagnosed as having osteoarthritis specifically affecting L1 through L5. I have experienced difficulty with prolonged standing, running, prolonged walking, and generally have stiffness and inflexibility due to this condition. My exercise regimen precluded running, treadmills, and related forms of exercise. In January of 2008 while shopping for a recumbent cycling machine, a salesperson at Busy body recommended the WaterRower. I instantly fell in love with this machine. Have been using my WaterRower consistently since January and find that it complements by condition. There is virtually no stress on my lower back. I alternate working out on the WaterRower with riding a bicycle. The combination works well for me. I recommend the WaterRower to anyone who wants a reliable form of exercise with minimal stress. The added benefit is the relaxation induced by rowing to the sound of sloshing water.”

  • Anonymous

    John Mayhew

    WaterRower owner with Atrial Fibrillation

    John Mayhew clocked 1,000,000 meters as of August 13, 2008!

    There I was watching TV, 67th birthday in a few weeks, retro patella arthritis, a five year history of relapses of atrial fibrillation, and the test results from the recent transient ischemic attack coming home to roost. I was over weight, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a bad heart and, of course, two wrecked knees. I felt awful most of the time; all was doom and gloom. In short, I was on the way down.

    The program was ‘Ski Sunday’ and there was a piece about disabled person on a mono sit-ski. I had lived for skiing, I knew I could do that. I could get back into the mountains again. Mayhew, its time for a skiing holiday, maybe the last one. Get off this couch, right now.

    BUT first we better start training; one tiny baby step at a time. Down in the cellar. Where’s that old rowing machine? Did I ever use it? Rusty dirty and uncomfortable but I was only going to sit on it for a few minutes a day. Surprisingly the few minutes a day became 2×10 minutes a day and the knees? They didn’t seem to mind. This could be the answer. But I need a proper rower. What does a new one cost? Rent one? Hey, what is it worth to you to lose a 20 pounds and get fit enough to ski? Let’s give it a go.

    The WaterRower arrived, assembled, and placed in the shady corner of the conservatory. It looked very pretty and it didn’t sound like a threshing machine. I like the look of it. Oh yes, you and I; we are going to spend some time together, one tiny baby step at a time…

    And now? My blood pressure is right down, my cholesterol level is normal (I’m off the statins) and I’m dropping around about a pound of fat every week or so. A few more to go but hey, you can’t recover from sort of the mess I was in over night. And I had a wonderful skiing holiday in Sweden as the disabled ski-school in Are. But now I’m a rower too.

    The basic facts are these:

    1) I’ve lost 14 pounds of fat in three months. Next time you’re at the super market put 14 tubs of margarine into the trolley and just stare at it for a few moments until you begin to feel ill? I used to feel like that when I saw myself in the mirror.

    2) I’ve developed from doing 2 minutes and a breather: tiny baby steps to 60 minutes and 10000 plus metres of gnarly growly sessions. I’m getting stronger, and I feel fit and alive. And I’ve joined a rowing club.

    3) My knees are working fine. Nothing can fix them, they are worn out forever. But though I can’t run a single step, because the rowing is low impact, I can row for ages. Even better, as my previously under worked leg muscles strengthen, my knees are getting stabilised and walking has become less painful. Jogging ? Maybe not, but I shall start playing golf again!

    4) Atrial fibrillation? Bad heart, yeah, that should slow you down. Yeah? Well you listen up. Xeno Muller has had atrial fibrillation for years and he won a gold and a silver at the Olympics (single scull). He’s had cardio version and so have I. And Don Waddle, he’s got the gold that Xeno didn’t get and he is going to the Olympics at Beijing again this summer and he’s got atrial fibrillation too. It’s not good but it’s not that bad. So, buy a heart rate monitor, take the medication and get rowing (maybe check it out with the doctor, but find one who knows a bit about sports). If my doctor had advised me right 5 years ago, I would have had a good retirement hobby 5 years earlier and I wouldn’t have needed to shed the pounds of sagging fat I gained sitting around worrying about whether my heart going out of sinus rhythm. It will go out of rhythm and then it will go back in again. No big deal. Get used to it as they say!

    The take home message is this.

    I believe the rowing machine saved my live, but even if it didn’t, I think it definitely qualifies as a life support machine because it’s prolonging it and improving its quality. I am fitter, leaner, stronger but not meaner; just happier than I was before. I’m feeling good.

    There are rowing books to read and an interesting sporting activity with subtle skills to acquire. I am amazed that what must be one of the hardest and demanding physical sports at one level, can at a completely different level, be such a satisfying and pleasurable activity for a fat old man with a bad heart and wrecked knees. I am going skiing again next year of course, but I’m thinking that maybe next summer I’ll also take a course of lessons at ‘rowing camp’ as they say. I’ll be as fit as a butcher’s dog by then.

    Oh and why the WaterRower and not the Concept2? Aesthetics mainly. The WaterRower not only sounds nicer, is much quieter, less industrial-hardcore and is a bit neater and smaller. Almost furniture, it fits in nicely in my conservatory. It’s just the thing for a nice row in the evening; looking at the view over our garden, the waterfall and pond, the bird table. Every ‘old folks’ home should have one. I mean it.

  • Anonymous

    Xeno Muller

    2000 Sydney Olympics Gold Medalist.

    “My lovely wife took this picture of me rowing the WaterRower (right). I moved the rower to our new babies room because our cute senile old dachshund confused it with a garden tree last night.

    It finally arrived. I got my WaterRower and love it. As soon as you start rowing there is a nice sound of water swishing around during the acceleration of the rowing stroke.

    Last night, I went for a paddle in my living room while my family was watching TV. It was awesome, no one was bothered by the quite sound of water. The WaterRower will enable me to feed my rowing neurosis without polluting the family space with a metallic chain noise or an intruding high pitched fan whistle.”

  • Anonymous

    A. Lorenzo

    London, UK.

    “I am 51 and three months ago I was overweight and in a very poor shape. After 13 weeks using the WaterRower I have recovered a level of fitness I thought gone forever and I have lost 5 kg (now only another 5 kg over my optimum weight). In this very short period, my strength, stamina, muscle tone, and heart performance have been significantly improved. I must admit that I am happily surprised by this outcome because I never expected to progress so much so fast.

    When I decided to do something about my overall condition I chose rowing for its low impact workout and full-body exercise. Despite the fact I had never rowed in my life, I thought it was the best choice to improve my fitness, bearing in mind my age and condition.

    After researching the field I decided that the WaterRower was the best rowing machine to achieve my aim. I found the concept simple but brilliantly efficient, the aesthetics superb and the sound of water very alluring. The outstanding information and support available in the website contributed very much to make up my mind. Today, I am glad to say that I was spot on when I chose the WaterRower. I am aware that it can be seen as pricey, but thinking value for money is second to none.

    I am really excited about what I have already achieved and looking forward progressing further. This has been possible thanks to both the superb concept and design of the WaterRower and the personalized training programs, for which I am deeply grateful to Jill Lancaster my WaterCoach. Her support and always accurate advice kept me motivated and on track.

    Now my weekly routine includes only four training sessions and around 25km/week. I expect to progressively move to 5 sessions and 30km per week after completing my third 6-weeks plan. I look for slow but steady progress. I always use a heart monitor to control my cardiovascular effort.

    The exercise I like the most is to challenge my previous time for a given distance (i.e. 5000m). It provides me with an extra motivation to push a little harder.

    In a more personal note, I have found very useful to put some soft music to accompany the long distance/duration sessions. It helps me to relax and maintain the pace.”

  • Anonymous

    Amanda Hamilton, TV Presenter (UK)

    “I love having the WaterRower at home. I find it almost impossible to get to the gym now that I’ve got a new baby to look after, as well as the other kids and work. It allows me to keep really fit whilst making it really fun! The WaterRower is very different from the rowers at a typical gym as it actually feels like rowing on water.”

  • Anonymous

    Danny Murphy, Fulham FC (UK)

    “Using the WaterRower machine has been a positive addition to my regular training regime. It provides a full body workout using all the main muscle groups and is great for cardio training too. Because of the Waterflywheel, it is really smooth and has a natural resistance which is great for minimizing unnecessary strain on joints and ligaments – something that is crucial to me as a professional footballer.”

  • Anonymous

    Anna Friel : Actress

    “It’s great because with Gracie (my daughter) I can’t really get to the gym but with the WaterRower I can just lower it down and have a quick workout while Gracie runs around the house… The WaterRower is a piece of exercise equipment that lasts and actually looks nice. We originally bought it because it’s made from this beautiful wood and fitted into our house in Windsor, but it looks great in LA as well …the added bonus is that if you don’t have a gym it tucks neatly behind a door. I love it.”

    Visit: http://press.waterrower.com for more!

  • Anonymous

    Tootsie from Alaska: WaterRower Owner

    “I had thyroid cancer stage 3 in 2004 and I don’t have great stamina! Once I got my WaterRower I realized anyone can get a wonderful work out & it is so peaceful. I have told so many people and had several people in our home to try my WaterRower. They all were amazed at the comfort and quietness of it. I am currently unemployed and was thinking of what truly gives me peace & joy…and rowing came to mind. Rowing is something I can do in the long winters here in Alaska and I find solitude in the swishing sound. :)

  • Anonymous

    Kalina Brabeck

    First time mom and WaterRower Owner

    “Working out has always been important to me. While I was pregnant with my first child, I knew that with an infant, I’d be hard pressed to find time and energy to find time for fitness. Therefore, I decided to buy my first piece of home exercise equipment and after some research, I decided on a WaterRower. The WaterRower turned out to be the perfect piece of exercise equipment for a stay-at-home mom with an infant! I don’t have much time to work out, so the fact that I can work both my upper and lower body, and get in both strengthening and cardio vascular exercise, are great bonuses. And I can get a good workout in just 20 minutes. Additionally, the only sound that comes out of the WaterRower is the gentle, calming sound of water swishing. In fact, it sounds just like the ocean wave sound machine I use to help my son to sleep. So, not only does the WaterRower not bother my baby, but he actually is soothed by the sound! One day, when my son was particularly fussy, I set him in his infant chair next to the WaterRower and rowed; the sound of the water actually lulled him to sleep! Finally, since the space in my house is increasingly taken up by baby gear, I appreciate that the WaterRower folds up so compactly. I’m thankful that the WaterRower has helped me stay in shape, feel good about myself, and carve out some ‘me’ time while still being attentive to by baby.”

  • Jonathan Himsworth

    I have previously ben a Concept 2 user but found visits to the garage in winter a bit too onerous. I bought a Water Rower last Summer and I love it although It has taken a while to really get used to the diffeent aesthetics and feel compared to the Concept 2. I have set myself a target of 1 milion metres this year. Should be do-able on about 5 sessions per week over about 46 weeks. The water-rower lives in one of our bed-rooms and it is so easy to lay it flat and row. It looks fantastic too.

  • katstep

    The Water Rower is Amazing! I have a rotten knee (non medical term) and struggle just getting up and down stairs. The water rower is allowing me to strenghten my knee as well as the rest of my body. I love the water resistance and the swooshing sound the machine makes in use-very zen.
    So happy my Ortho suggested this to me.

  • waterrowerreviews

    Rick in Texas had the following kind words for us in an email reply!

    “I want you to know how satisfied I am with the product….when I first got it about 5 years….maybe longer time flies….My right knee had some severe restrictions as to mobility……the first year I could only use the machine with my feet on the floor……not in the footrest…and my knee hurt all the time……and I did not get the computerised model
    because my goal was flexibility more than anything else….

    I purchased the machine because it seemed to make sense using water for variable resistance and it looked like it would proved some overall stretching and flexibility……….so I started with 5 minutes of light to moderate use 5 times a week…..again both feet on the floor…..

    I can honestly tell you that after a year or so my knee problems had disappeared and I was using the waterrower 30 minutes 5 times a week at a moderate pace……and that’s with my feet in the footrests……… I am closing in on my 60th birthday and still using it………….

    It has made a tremendous difference in my physical well being…..my back doesn’t hurt…..my knees don’t hurt and while you probably won’t see me in the Senior Olympics I am in pretty good shape for an old guy…….. I have over the years added a bit of strength training which I would not have been able to do without the Waterrower as the core of my fitness program……it is truly a total body workout……

    After 5 plus years of using your product I certainly am a believer..”

  • waterrowerreviews

    Andrew Potts – WaterRower Owner

    “I first came across The WaterRower about fifteen years ago working in a gym as an instructor. I thought it was the best bit of CR kit I had ever come across. Since then I have bought one myself.

    The rower gives a great workout, the feel and sound of it as you row is priceless when it comes to regular use. That gentle feeling of picking up the resistance of the rotating mass of water. Plus the fact there is a mass and there is resistance to pull against makes a huge difference. It makes exercising pleasant and fulfilling.

    I feel you can use the WaterRower in two ways quickly, gently adding momentum to the rotating mass of water. Plus slowly using a pull the blade through the water type stroke. Of course you can combine the two for very serious workouts, it’s this unique characteristic of the water component to the exercise that makes the WaterRower superior to anything else I have seen or used.

    Last year my seventeen year old son wanted to get fitter and I suggested he gave my rower a try. In the last year he has used it nearly every day with great results for his fitness and well being. We both agree that it is the perfect rower for commercial or home use. In fact it’s the only thing that he agrees with me on.”

  • waterrowerreviews

    Leo from Las Vegas commented:

    I’m completely enamored with my WaterRower… And the people who work at the company.
    I had 2 rowing “machines” that I thought were really high quality. While they were definitely better than most, they can’t hold a candle to WaterRower. This puppy is anything BUT a machine. I love the sound of the water while I row. And I’m so impressed with how smooth the rowing action is. Well done guys, well done. To top it all off, the customer service has been in a league of it’s own. Please feel free to go around your workplace and give each other a pat on the back for a job well done.

    I’m looking forward to many years of happy rowing.

    Thanks Leo! We appreciate it.

  • waterrowerreviews

    J Lyle

    London, UK

    When we purchased our WaterRower last year, one of the considerations was customer support. In the unlikely event of component failure, and based on feedback reviews, the WaterRower was far ahead in this respect.

    Following the unexpected failure of our series 4 monitor display I contacted WaterRower direct and spoke with Jason Armstrong. The matter was quickly resolved, over the phone, and a new component part sent out by return.

    Apart from being delighted with the quality and function of the rower in the first
    instance, I am equally comforted to know that as a customer the same level of
    service and attention is not forgotten after the initial purchase has been

    I now know and confirm we made the correct purchasing choice.”

  • http://www.waterrower.com/ WaterRower

    Jonathan Noury-Elliard

    The WaterRower has been a critical component in my life. I first began rowing at a collegiate level in 2008 for the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. In 2009, I raced in the Head of the Charles Regatta with the Men’s Varsity 4. Due to unknown rigging adjustments, I injured myself in that race and was unable to walk for a week as a result. Thankfully because of my own athletic knowledge, I was able to put myself through my own physical therapy and recovered functionality relatively quickly.

    At this point, I noticed I missed rowing and tried to get back on the Concept 2 (C2) erg. This did not work. Often times, what I have noticed about the C2 erg, is at the catch (the beginning of the rowing motion) the C2 has anywhere from 2″-6″ of give before the air resistance catches. If you are pushing firmly, this has the opportunity to open your back prematurely throwing off the form and increasing the opportunity for injury. This is exactly what happened to me at my local gym and I fell off of the machine in pain within the first 500m.

    I was distraught. I did not think I would be able to row ever again, robbing me of my favorite exercise. This is when I discovered the WaterRower.

    At the time I was living near the manufacturing plant and began attending a gym that featured these amazing machines. Due to my curiosity, I sat down on this erg I had never seen. I strapped in and took a stroke. What a world of difference! From the first time I pulled the handle I fell for the WaterRower.

    The first thing most people notice about the WaterRower is the sound. Using water as the form of resistance produces a calming and tranquil sound that is similar to rowing on water. Additionally, the sound is not as intrusive as the Concept 2 (C2) erg. I have even performed a full rowing piece with people sleeping in the same room. This is something that would not be possible with the C2 and the air resistance. The water resistance of the WaterRower causes the stroke to be consistent throughout the motion, from catch to finish. At the catch the resistance engages immediately, mimicking the sensation of rowing on water. This also helps to limit the premature opening of the back allowing for stricter adherence to proper rowing form and reducing the opportunity for injury.

    After my initial experience of rowing on the WaterRower I began to do as much as I was able to on this machine. I even became part of the first group certified in Indo-Row, a rowing group-training program, on the East Coast. This is actually what started me down the Personal Training road I find myself so ingrained in now.

    In my professional opinion, as a rower and ACE Personal Trainer, I cannot recommend the WaterRower erg highly enough. The consistency in stroke resistance limits injury and is versatile enough for beginners to advanced rowers to use effectively and successfully. Even for physical therapy, as I used this machine to assist in the recovery of my knee post-surgery and in the recovery of my back after my collegiate injury, this machine is priceless. Athletically, the percentage of muscles used in the row form in junction with the cardiac output help to contribute to one of the most effective and powerful exercises out there. My life would not be what it is today without the WaterRower erg and I suggest every person considering exercise to give this machine a chance.

  • http://www.waterrower.com/ WaterRower

    David Harrison

    “I have used the WaterRower for the past 20 years, seven days a week, an hour a day, at the crack of dawn, virtually without fail. I am 54 years old and my doctors tell me my body is in the condition of someone 20-25 years younger. I attribute it, as well as greater mental health and focus, to this machine; it is a life-changer. The key to a long and healthy life is, barring uncontrollable circumstances, right in front of your eyes — and it is the WaterRower. It will reward you endlessly and deeply if you use it regularly and take good care of it. I would be happy to speak to anyone who is interested in learning more about this amazing, gorgeous, life-affirming machine.”

  • http://www.waterrower.com/ WaterRower

    Gerardus Van de Kletersteeg

    “Last year, when we had a health day in our company, they found a lump on my thyroid (but it is a good one, so all is fine). After their findings, the doctor told me my health was fine, but I needed to start paying closer attention to my overall health, in general. This was a wake-up call for me and my wife. Starting then, we changed our food behavior from fast foods to fresh products, and that got us thinking about different sport activities we could pursue.

    One day, we saw the WaterRower on the internet and there was no doubt about it, “that’s something for us”, we thought. So, we bought a WaterRower, looked up all the training sessions on the net and started our job. In the beginning, we were only able to row about 20 minutes without becoming completely exhausted, but we did it mostly 5 days a week and sometimes every day. Now, we can row for about 35-45 minutes rowing without stopping, about every day!

    We love the WaterRower and I cannot think of another machine what we would like.”

  • http://www.waterrower.com/ WaterRower

    “My name is John Aitken, and with my wife, Cathy are retired and living in a tiny community in British Columbia, Canada, and both satisfied, dedicated WaterRower users.

    Cathy used to instruct rowing, but went through a period of health issue leading to early retirement. She and I both used water rowers in years gone by, although coming from a cycling background I was skeptical as to the actual service benefits. Cathy came back to the WaterRower as a low impact exercise accessible to someone with fibromyalgia and unable to endure the pains of running or walking.

    I began using the unit to complement cycling, snow-biking and running and have subsequently become addicted to an end of day quick session to unwind and regain the inch or so height I lose pounding around on long runs. I’ve gotten up to 35 km a day through the dark, stormy days of our winter.

    Other than needing the odd dusting, and hoping the cats don’t come looking for a lap to curl up on while we do our pieces, the WaterRower experience has been all good.

    We are back side of our mid sixties and happy at our play, including the WaterRower.”

    John Aitken
    WaterRower Customer

  • http://www.waterrower.com/ WaterRower

    “I rowed competitively in high school and college. I have been thinking about getting a Concept 2 erg for a number of years, but never went for it. When I saw the WaterRower on House of Cards I thought, that is a great looking machine!

    I started researching and when I read reviews from real rowers complimenting the feel and SOUND of the WaterRower, I started to shift my thinking toward a WaterRower instead. Knowing that actual competitive rowers are using and promoting this was a huge selling point for me as I have had really negative experiences with any non-Concept2 rower that I have ever come across. I had nowhere to try out a WaterRower, so it was a leap of faith. I just finished assembly last night, so I have done no more than a very basic five-minute session to try it out. I like it so far – it feels really smooth and the sound is SO much better than the air vent machines. Also, it is so gorgeous. It looks so nice that I don’t have to worry about hiding it out of the way – it blends in like a piece of furniture.”

    -Kate M. (Washington, DC, USA)

  • http://www.waterrower.com/ WaterRower

    “I am a 73 year old man, I have Parkinson’s (notice I said “have”, not “suffers from”) and have had my WaterRower since Nov of ’04 (after literally wearing out wind and pneumatic resistance rowers). I row from 30 to 45 minutes everyday, my wife says I am obsessed, I say disciplined. That all came to a crashing halt in Sept of ‘12.

    My Parkinson’s was diagnosed in Sept of 2012 and I went downhill pretty fast, I couldn’t walk, sign my name, much less write and had fairly bad tremors. Some people thought I was drunk all the time because my balance was off. I couldn’t surf, sail, ski or anything. I had stopped rowing because it wasn’t fun and I couldn’t do it. My neurologist said there were four aspects to my treatment and I controlled three of them. They were attitude, nutrition and exercise (my responsibilities) and medication (his responsibilities) and he said if I don’t do my part his part won’t work. The doctor saw me every three months and I just got worse. I used to enjoy rowing so much and I missed it so I started rowing again in July of 2014 and I was way off but struggled anyway, however things started an incremental change, my nutrition and attitude remained pretty much the same but I really worked hard on the rower and things got even better. The doctor was amazed and started seeing me in 6 month intervals, last time I saw him he said “You can’t cure Parkinson’s, but you are living proof you can knock the living s*** out of it, I don’t need to see you for a year”. Of course I autographed my chart with a huge signature.

    I am not back to where I was but it is still a great workout. My dog thanks you (she missed her walks on the beach), my wife thanks you (I am a lot more fun and her walks on the beach), my kids thank you (didn’t like seeing their dad hobbled up), my grand kids thank you (it’s back to the beach).

    I live in San Clemente, CA at the beach. Attached is picture of my WaterRower out on my little deck and a picture of my view as I row, listening to music, yeah I am a lot better. Thanks.”

    Richard F.